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Hollie Weeks

Hollie Weeks

Pack Leader
My name is Hollie Weeks. I am an AFAA certified personal trainer. I became a certified trainer in order to lead women to an overall healthy lifestyle. I have always enjoyed working out and eating healthy but it wasn’t until I joined a Washington Women’s Wolfpack boot camp that I really made myself a priority. My husband and I run a small apple, cherry and pig farm in a very rural community. We have 2 kids and raise all the meat we eat on our farm. It’s a great feeling to know where our food comes from, I hope to one day be completely self-sufficient. I hope to teach others how important it is to eat natural whole foods and I love to try new recipes. My goal for the Mattawa Pack is to lead each woman that joins to an overall state of health. I want each woman to become stronger mentally and physically after each workout.

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18247 27th Road
Mattawa, Washington

Camp Schedule

Mon, Wed, Thurs @ 5:30-6:30 AM & 4:30-5:30 PM

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We’re always looking for motivated women to join our camp.

(509) 539-7784

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