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Jessica Foreman

Jessica Foreman

Pack Leader

Hi there! My name is Jessica Foreman. I am a certified personal trainer who is dedicated to empowering women to put themselves first. After landing in the hospital for serious stress related health issues, I discovered the importance of self-care and the power that exercise and healthy eating habits have in healing the body and mind. As a mom who works full time while raising a child, and recently decided to go back to school, I got caught up in the pressure of putting everyone and everything ahead of myself.

I can empathize with women who just need a break; who put others before themselves, and who feel like they have to do it all! Knowing how exercise is the key to good physical and mental health. I urge women to jump on board with me in this journey of helping others become stronger both physically and mentally. Whether you want to get into excellent physical shape, or just take time for yourself and get cleared of daily stressors, you are always welcome to join an awesome group of women. My goal for this camp is to form a fun, supportive atmosphere, and empower women to build strong bodies, minds, and friendships.

Jessica Foreman’s Camp

4705 W Van Giesen St, West Richland, WA 99353

Camp Schedule

Mon: 10-11 AM
Tues: 7-8 PM
Wed: 10-11 AM
Thurs: 7-8 PM
Fri: 10-11 AM, 7-8 PM

Join the Wolfpack

We’re always looking for motivated women to join our camp.

(509) 539-7784

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