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Sarah Howell

Sarah Howell

Pack Leader
As the owner and the head trainer with Washington Women’s Wolfpack Fitness, I have very simple beliefs about fitness and exercise. I believe that access to exercise and nutritional guidance is a right, not a privilege. Every woman should have basic knowledge on how to eat sensibly and lead an active lifestyle. This, in turn, will not only make us healthier as an individual, but as a family and a society.
I want the idea of living a healthy lifestyle to be so contagious that our children, family, friends and even our pets are positively affected. Our society today makes it difficult to be healthy. Between the stress of life, and the ease of nutritionally deficient foods, we as a society are extremely unhealthy. As the woman in our households we set the bar, and I plan to set it high. I want to leave an impression on generations to come, and no better place to start than in your home.

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6413 Burden Blvd. Pasco, WA 99301

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MWTh @ 10:30am and 7pm

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