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We are Pasco Washington’s premier boxing/kickboxing, yoga and fitness gym. We offer fitness classes that promote self-defense and self-confidence. We train fighters for the cage and for daily life. We do this by combing holistic, evidence-based nutrition counseling, high-intensity exercise, mental toughness training and skill and technique to prepare each individual for whatever battle they are facing. Our mission is to provide the best coaching and a facility that offers everything under one roof to help you reach your goals. We guarantee your coaches will pull out all the stops to help you reach your goals, whether they are weight loss and fitness, self-defense and self-confidence or to fight in the cage! We will grind by your side until your hand is raised in success!

Wolfpack Fitness and MMA classes are designed to teach discipline, form and technique. We offer MMA, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling, but not all are offered all the time due to the changing of coach’s schedules. Classes will increase strength, endurance, flexibility, core strength and knowledge of MMA. Classes are designed for all individuals from beginner to the ultra-athlete. We ask that you leave your ego at the door and come ready to work hard and learn something new each training session. Classes will focus on technique while pushing cardiovascular endurance to the limit. In addition to expanding MMA knowledge, you will tone up, lose weight and get in shape while having fun. Gear is available to use during trial classes and on hand for purchase. If something is out of stock, gear can be ordered and have it shipped to the gym. We carry high-quality gear at the best prices.


Sarah Howell
Sarah HowellOwner & Head Coach

Sarah Howell is a wife, mother, professional MMA fighter (10+ years experience), personal trainer (10 years experience) MMA coach and nutrition coach.

Tyson Johnson
Tyson JohnsonCoach

Coach Tyson is a coach, trainer, fighter, US Army Vet, and a referee who has reffed over 100 amateur fights. His amateur MMA record was 20-10.

Marissa Parr
Marissa ParrYoga Instructor

Marisa has dedicated herself to the practice, study, and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2011, while participating in a Yoga Challenge with a friend.

Martina Butler
Martina ButlerYoga Instructor

Martina Butler is a San Francisco native, a former pre-professional ballerina, and a certified yoga instructor.

Josie Shields
Josie ShieldsSTRONG Instructor / 30 Minute Circuit Training Coach

I am very passionate about staying healthy. This means proper nutrition and exercise.

Adrian Wise
Adrian WiseMuay Thai

I began training in martial arts in 1978 in Okinawan Karate. In 1981 I moved to Judo for two years, then took a layoff to pursue other sports.

Angie Jamieson
Angie JamiesonYoga

Angie has always loved body mechanics and movement. She was on her high school dance team and continues to share that passion now while judging HS dance competitions.

Gail Todd
Gail Todd Group Fitness

Gail is seeking people who are looking to make positive change in their life style. Her goal is to help lead you to a healthier happy lifestyle, mentoring you in nutritional, physical and mental training.

Greg DeRoos
Greg DeRoosSelf Defense

Growing up in the Tri-Cities since 1978, Greg feels it’s important to give back to the community that he loves. Greg has coached everything from football to t-ball and about everything else in between.


“I have been working out with Sarah at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA for over a year now and I have truly enjoyed the experience. I’m the type of person that needs accountability to stick with a gym and these group of ladies I workout with keep me coming back. Sarah’s workouts are structured keeping it new and fresh each workout. She is amazing at keeping you motivated. I’ve seen a major difference in my body and my increase in strength. If you are looking for a supportive and fun environment to workout in Wolfpack Fitness and MMA is a perfect fit.”

Ashlei Giese - Women’s Bootcamp

“When I first started 5 am boot camp workouts I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain enough motivation to keep coming. But now I look forward to my workouts and my teammates and I look forward to seeing each other. Sarah is not only a well educated and highly competent instructor, but she goes out of her way to make classes fun and productive. I’ve lost weight, toned up and feel great! Sarah has helped me with my nutrition too. I honestly don’t think I can live without my Wolfpack morning workouts.”

Crystal Davison - Morning Classes

“Over the past year I’ve been working out with Sarah and the group of amazing women in the pm class. Sarah has motivated me to workout harder and with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever had before. Her workouts are creative and I leave exhausted after every session. I’ve noticed a big difference in my overall strength and body tone, something I’ve been missing since having my second child. This boot camp class has changed my attitude toward working out and I look forward to each session!”

Ashlei Giese

“I could not have done it without Sarah Howell and my gym family at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA. My fitness journey is nowhere near complete, but with Sarah’s help and my new found motivation, dedication, and determination, I know I achieve any goal I set for myself!” Read more here.

Alta Hunt
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