At the beginning of the summer I was 5’2 and 215lbs. I was morbidly obese and depressed. I found myself avoiding my reflection. I do not have any family photos because I cannot stand to get my picture taken. I could barely look at myself in the morning to brush my hair. Weight loss use to come easy for me when I was younger but now I am in my 40’s and I feel like everything I eat sticks to me.

I started with Sarah’s women’s only bootcamp 3 nights a week. I approached Sarah privately and let her know that I was serious about losing weight and going to commit myself to success. When she heard the dedication in my voice, she was on board and guided me through my journey. She spent a lot of time with me on my nutrition, helping me to better understand macros, and how much energy I needed to properly fuel my body. Together we set a 6 month goal of 50 pounds and set small checkpoint goals along the way. I checked in with her every Saturday with my weight for that week and if I was not on point with my goal she helped me adjust my nutrition to ensure I would be successful. I also joined combat cardio and core and boxing, 5 am classes at Wolfpack. The gym name is Wolfpack and it lives up to its name. Everyone is very motivating and encouraging, like a wolf pack. I have now lost 60 pounds! I continue to eat healthy and workout 8 times per week. I do not dread my workouts as I use to, I actually look forward to them and my co-workers can tell if I didn’t have my morning workout! They refer to it as my “happy pill”. I could not have done it without Sarah Howell and my gym family at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA. My fitness journey is nowhere near complete, but with Sarah’s help and my new found motivation, dedication and determination, I know I achieve any goal I set for myself!