Amber Garza




Certified Boxing and Barbells Trainer

About Coach

Amber grew up in Othello, WA and moved to the Tri-cities after high school. She played volleyball and softball then graduated from Othello High School in 2016. Amber grew up working in agriculture which taught her a lot of life lessons on how businesses work. Then later become a business owner herself. She also struggled with her weight starting at a very young age which eventually caused her to change her lifestyle. Once she found health and fitness she never wanted to look back. She found Wolfpack gym and instantly fell in love.

Turning Point

Amber struggled with her weight starting at a very young age. Which started to effect her by not making school teams, having her appearance get made fun of, and keeping friends. Going into her freshman year of high school she made the decision to get gastric sleeve surgery at the age of 15 weighing 285lbs. It has now been 10 years, and she is now healthier then ever. The surgery was the help she needed to push forward and live a life where heath and fitness is now her top priority.

Motivation & Passion

Amber’s passion and motivation is to live a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment. Where coaching others to become physically and mentally better in everyday life. She love’s getting to coach people and bring joy into their life while they become a better version of themselves. In her class, you will have an amazing workout together while building friendships.