Sarah Howell



Professional Fight Record 2-2

Master Trainer with Boxing and Barbells


Boxing and Barbells Level 1 Certified Trainer

Boxing and Barbells Level 2 Certified Trainer

Boxing and Barbells Master Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Holistic Performance Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

Keto Mastery Certification

About Coach

Sarah grew up in Mattawa Washington and moved to the Tri-Cities for her freshman year of high school. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball at Southridge and graduated in 2004. Following high school, she attended CBC where she played volleyball. During college, she found jiu-jitsu and soon fell in love with the sport and began competing. Shortly, after graduating from CBC, she moved to Seattle to attend the National Personal Training Institute and pursue a career in fighting. She returned home to the Tri-Cities in 2010 after a successful amateur career of 10-2. Once home, she met her husband and was soon married and blessed with 2 amazing children. She was able to open Wolfpack Fitness and MMA in 2015 where she trained and coached other fighters and began a professional fighting career of her own.

Turning Point

Just as Sarah and her family have changed over the years, so has Wolfpack Fitness. Sarah is no longer fighting and no longer trains fighters. Her passion, however, has not changed. She and Wolfpack both are now more focused than ever on their true passion of inspiring others and helping them live healthier and happier lives. Wolfpack provides an atmosphere of motivation and dedication to lead members to reach their goals. Sarah has created Boxing for Fitness which provides Wolfpack with an ass-kicking workout that creates consistency and a way to create more trainers and grow Wolfpack to new heights!

Motivation & Passion

Helping women regain their confidence and self-worth is Sarah’s biggest passion and motivation. When women feel worthy of putting themselves first, taking time out of their day for their own mental and physical health, their entire family will benefit. She is so passionate about building a community of women who lift up and empower other women!