Wolfpack is ever-evolving and changing … one of our newest features is the addition of our Virtual Membership.  When the shut down on March 16th took place, I was not open to the idea of going virtual.  I was very uncomfortable with the idea as I have never been a technology person, and I wasn’t really too excited to “become the star of my own show so to speak”.  

After slowly adapting to doing facebook live classes for my kids boxing classes, I decided to give a zoom class a try.  To my surprise, I really enjoyed it.  It was so nice to see the smiling faces face-to-face, and the interaction was awesome.  The kids really enjoyed seeing each other and seemed to work so much harder. Our group then did a zoom yoga call and we all really enjoyed it.  It really is crazy how well people can engage and interact with each other virtually.  

My second hesitation ongoing virtual was the idea that there were so many professionals in the business of making fitness videos that I just didn’t think I could compete, or provide a service that was worth the price of my time to make.  I thought I should leave it to the professionals like Jillian Michaels, Beach Body, Les Mills, and many other larger companies.  But, as I time went on I began to see that what brought people to participate in the workout videos wasn’t the video itself, it was the connection they had with Wolfpack and the way it brought us together through these last few months.

This is when it really hit me that we have such a strong community at Wolfpack, and so many of us could really benefit from the daily connection of our workout group, but from home! 

Our Virtual Classes Are Live & Bring The Wolfpack Community Together 

So what makes our Virtual Membership unique?

Our virtual classes are live, not recorded … just like being at a class in the gym.  Our virtual classes run at all the same times as the gym classes so it holds you accountable for showing up to your scheduled workouts.  I know one problem for me with home workouts is putting them off to do chores or laundry, or just catch up on one of my shows. 

Having the classes live, will help hold you accountable to showing up.  All your regular workout buddies are still taking classes with you, some are live in the gym, and others are joining virtually just as you are, but you are all still together, able to communicate and interact just as you did before. 

Having your “tribe” with you in the workout increases your motivation during the workouts, pushing you to go harder than you would on your own or with a prerecorded video.  

No matter what our Virtual Membership still provide the same great workouts you have come to expect from Wolfpack. Our Virtual Membership provides everything we offer, commitment, motivation, accountability, positive environment, and safe social interaction with proper social distancing, from the comfort of your home. 

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Affordable Membership for the Entire Family

Wolfpack Fitness and MMA’s virtual membership is our best value at $25 per month per household.  You seriously can not beat that.  The low monthly price allows you to invest in the minimal fitness equipment you will need to participate in classes. 

Wolfpack provides a class for everyone! We offer co-ed classes; Bootcamp, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.  We offer Women’s Only Classes; Kickboxing and Bootcamp.  We offer Kid’s Classes; Boxing and Kickboxing.  Everyone in your family can take advantage of our full schedule … for seriously only 25 bucks a month! The best part, you can work out on your own or make it a family workout and share the same equipment and home gym set up! 

Versatility – Take Wolfpack Anywhere

Our virtual membership is a fantastic addition giving members the ability to take any and all classes offered by Wolfpack from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere really.  You want to take the kids outside to play, grab your phone, and get your workout done while they play.   Train from the park, train from the basement, train from a hotel on a business trip … you name it, you can train there. 

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Create the Perfect Home Gym for You and Your Family with Our Equipment List Ideas

Wolfpack has been working hard to provide an equipment list to give members a basic idea of essential equipment needed to create a home gym. We created a list of the basics at the best price so people can get a good workout from home.  When and if they want too they can add more, but we have put together a list to get them started with low cost in mind.  

In the meantime, we have been planning and programming workouts that are body weight-based or can be done completely with bodyweight only.  We want to make sure that everyone can participate and will slowly start to incorporate more equipment as time goes on. 

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Perfect Addition to Any Membership 

At the $25 per month price point, the Virtual Membership is the perfect addition to any membership offered at Wolfpack.  The virtual membership combined with the punch card option.  This allows you to keep on budget by attending a few live classes each week, and never miss a class by attending classes every day from home! Level up on your fitness at home and at the gym. 

The Virtual Membership is now included in the Annual Membership.  We have had the annual membership in the past that includes lots of additional benefits and discounts, and now the Virtual Membership is included too.

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