PNOE provides the most personalized fitness programming based on individualized metabolic data. PNOE is the gold standard in nutrition and workout development is available at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA. The PNOĒ Metabolic Analyzer offers the most comprehensive assessment in just 30 minutes, so you can measure your metabolic levels, detect a slow-down (plateau), and create more effective exercise and nutritional plans.

PNOE does require an appointment, and does require an individual to be in person at the gym. *Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted this will be available again. 

PNOĒ Provides Insights on:

  • Respirator\Breathing & cognition
  • Metabolic efficiency
  • Cardio fitness
  • Fat burning efficiency
  • Aerobic Health 
  • Breathing & posture 
  • Muscle type

The most effective data to create the most accurate nutrition plan comes from understanding metabolic and fat burning efficiency.  The data from these two areas are extremely important to create a custom meal plan. Understanding how your body works in these areas, provides your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories your body needs to simply maintain life), it provides how effectively your metabolism is functioning (can reveal a training plateau or low functioning thyroid) and it specifies whether your body utilizes carbohydrates or fat more efficiently for fuel (basically are you a gas or a diesel engine).  

My Personal Experience with PNOE Reports – Different Results & Suggestions for Different People

If you know Jerad (my husband) and I very well at all, you know that we often stick to a pretty low carb, high fat diet. This is known as the keto diet. I’ve had great results with this type of eating in the past, and so has Jerad. In fact, this is how Jerad chooses to eat everyday. Don’t get me wrong, his favorite food is pizza, but he naturally prefers a thin crust. So… making a long story short, we both do the “keto diet” with our goal being weight loss and body fat reduction. We both have good results. The difference is Jerad could do this forever, this is an easy lifestyle for him. When he does have a meal higher in carbohydrates, he doesn’t feel very well (bloated, bogged down) and regrets it. Me on the other hand, when I have a meal high in carbohydrates after being on the “keto diet” for a while, I am full of energy. I get my best workouts in and feel my best.  This always made me feel “weak” or like I lacked self control and self discipline because I craved carbs and would give in to my cravings. So even though this style of eating brought me physical success with my fitness goals, it had a negative impact on my mental state. 

Once Jerad and I had the PNOE testing done, and I saw our results, it was very eye opening as to why I was craving carbs and he wasn’t.  It explained why he had such an easy time doing the keto diet or even the carnivore diet and I didnt.  

Jerad’s metabolism uses 73% fat and 27% carbs to produce energy and his metabolism is in the top 38%!  This means Jerad’s body is very efficient at using fat for fuel and needs very little carbohydrates to produce energy.  He also has an above average metabolism that effectively and efficiently uses his food for energy. 

My report was very different. My body uses only 40% fat for fuel. This leaves 60% carbs needed for energy production. This explains why I was craving carbs and would have a spike in energy when I would consume them.  The keto diet done correctly is 70% fat, 20-25% protein, and 10-5% carbs. So, you can see why if I am only consuming 10% of my diet in carbs, and my body wants 60% carbs for energy production was not successful for me in the long term.  However, Jerad’s body utilized 73% fat for fuel and he is consuming 70% fat for fuel, this is a way closer match and would explain why he is so much more successful at this in the long term.  

The PNOĒ Metabolic Analyzer is a great way to get a better understanding of what your body is doing on the inside and through a scientifically proven methodology you can create a plan that meets your bodies specific needs. This will result in better athletic performance, faster weight loss results, finding the right nutrition for your body or better success in reaching your fitness and health goals … whatever they may be.  

To learn more about a PNOE Metabolic analysis at Wolfpack, Contact Wolfpack Today. Typically an appointment takes a minimum of 30 minutes. Contact Wolfpack for pricing, and more details on if this service is currently offered due to COVID-19 restrictions.