I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it as a trainer, “I’m going to -fill in the blank-  as soon as I get into shape.” 

I’ve heard it for years as a personal trainer, “I want to start training with you as soon as I get in better shape.”  

I’ve heard it as a group fitness instructor, “I am going to start taking your classes as soon as I get in better shape.”  

I’ve heard it as a boxing/kickboxing coach, “I can’t wait to start doing kickboxing as soon as I lose a little weight.”

I’ve heard it as a bootcamp instructor, “I can’t wait to try bootcamp after I get stronger.”  

Wolfpack Has Your Back & Everyone is Welcome 

While we do realize that this is a big concern for many who are just starting a new fitness program or taking a new class for the first time, don’t let it stop you from taking a step right now to reach your goals. 

The whole point of starting right now is that you don’t have to wait for someday. We get that you might be worried that by being out of shape, overweight, or unable to keep up with the group, means our classes won’t be helpful or successful. 

We promise that if you are ready to get into action, or give it a try, we will help you get the hang of our classes and workout styles. We are here to help you find a style that fits your needs, and empowers you right where you are starting. Once you attend your first class you will understand that our classes welcome all ages, sizes, fitness levels and we are trained to help you overcome any issues that might arise, which could include previous injuries.  

Real Support for Real Results – Finding Support That Cares About Your Goals 

The mindset of thinking that you will get in shape on your own and then attend classes and get in better shape will keep you from ever attending at all for two reasons. 

The first, if you had what it takes to get in shape on your own (time, discipline, knowledge, access to gym/classes) you would already be ready to start classes, and the second is there is no plan on action to get you in shape before coming to class.  

This is similar to saying that you are trying to save up money to get a job! Seems kinda ridiculous right?  If you have no job, how do you save up money to get a job

How Wolfpack Accommodates Those That Are Not “In Shape” Before The First Class:

1. Modifications:  

Modifications are available for every fitness level in every class.  In bootcamp classes, you can modify the weight being used, the rep and set scheme, and intensity of every workout.  

While some may be running, you are walking, some are using 20# dumbbells you are using 5#, some may be doing 25-50 reps and you are doing 10-15. The best part is, the group is so encouraging and welcoming.  No one cares or judges what weight you are using, they care that you are showing up, giving your all and not quitting! 

In boxing/kickboxing classes we can also provide modification.  For example, most classes start with a round or two of  jump roping.  This presents big challenges for people right out of the gate, so we can have you use an imaginary jump rope just to keep you moving and not spending the whole round restarting or untangling your foot from the rope. 

2. Starting With the Basics:  

In bootcamp, we will start you with exercise moves that are very basic.  We want to make sure you have proper form and technique before moving to more advanced movements.  This is to ensure you do not create bad habits in movement patterns, sustain injuries and understand what each movement should feel like before moving on or adding weight.  

In boxing/kickboxing we start you with learning and understanding “fight stance”, basic footwork and a simple “one-two” combos.  You will work on these three basics until you feel comfortable and coaches feel comfortable with you moving on.  This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month depending on how often you attend class. Our coaches are here to help you get in a good workout and use proper techniques so you get the most out of your workouts. We get that learning a new style can be challenging so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask, we will walk you through the movements step by step. 

3. Nutrition Coaching and Heart Rate Training Technology:  

By taking advantage of our nutrition coaching and heart rate training technology, you can accelerate your results helping you to reach your goals faster.  Nutrition coaching helps you to understand the “what, when, why and how much” for your daily meals. 

We can create a meal plan tailored to your body that will tell you what foods will most benefit your body’s needs, when the most beneficial time to eat them is, why these foods work best in reaching your results and how much of these foods you should be eating.  

The nutrition plan works best when in conjunction with our heart rate training technology because we can learn and better understand how many calories are being burned during a training session.  This information calculated out over the week can help us to better determine how many calories should be consumed daily to reach goals.  

Heart rate technology is also a visual aid in knowing when you need to push a little harder during training and when it is okay to back off.  

For example, during the warm up, we don’t want to be pushing so hard that our heart rate is through the roof, during the warm up you want to slowly start warming up the body, keeping the heart rate lower and slowly increasing it until the body is properly warmed ready for training.  Repetition time is another time we don’t want the heart rate extremely elevated. During this time in the training session we are just working on form and technique and should not be at full exertion.  Towards the end of class however, we do conditioning, this is the time you should be really pushing yourself, not holding back and really pushing to exhaustion.  

4. Personal Sessions Available: 

If there is something specific you are looking for help with, Wolfpack also offers personal training sessions in boxing, kickboxing, mobility training and personal fitness training.  

These sessions are great for discussing specific needs or helping you get more practice with a specific technique you may be struggling with.  

Issues with mobility or flexibility?  We have a specific trainer that specializes in this area and can easily set you up with a personalized routine you can do at home to help with those tight areas. 

If you are wanting to get up to speed for our class setting, a personal session in boxing and kickboxing can get you on the fast track to being top of the class.  

Wanting to get serious about weight loss?  Our nutrition coaching can help you get the right meal plan that will empower you to accomplish your fitness goals. 

We hope that you know that you don’t have to wait to start taking steps to reach your health and fitness goals. Please don’t wait until you are in better shape, lost weight, or got stronger to start classes at Wolfpack.  We are here to help you reach those goals with no prior training necessary. We work with all levels, all ages, and all shapes and sizes!  All are welcome and valued as part of the Wolfpack community.   

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