To get the most out of your virtual membership, we have put together a list of ideas to create your home gym from amazon, but we are also working on an option from Columbia Fitness to support local businesses here in the Tri-Cities area. 

Co-Ed / Women’s Only Bootcamp Classes Equipment Recommendations

Most times there will be a cardio section in each Bootcamp workout.  It might be rowing, running, assault biking … but you can sub that for any cardio machine you currently have at home, or you can measure out a distance of 400 meters on your street and always use that.  I don’t want you to have to purchase an expensive piece of equipment, or multiple pieces of equipment if you don’t have to. A simple jump rope will also do the trick! 

We recommend 1 Cardio Option (of your choice)!

Jump Rope – $10.99 Make sure to get an adjustable rope so you can make it the perfect size for you

Find Some Here > 

Dumbells – $75.00 (recommend set of 3, light medium and heavy but you do not need all 3) Dumbells are ridiculously expensive right now.  Start with one set if you are on a budget and go heavier, you can always drop to one.  Also, check used options like thrift stores and craigslist.

Find Some Here >

Kettlebell – $64.95 (recommended weight at least 20 pounds. You can use a dumbbell for this also)

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Box – $130 (for box jumps) (you can choose the size. Irrigation boxes from lowes work great for this and double as storage for equipment)
We are currently working together with a member’s husband to possibly make some to sell at a discounted rate, if you are interested please let us know.) This one I recommend is soft in case you fall you will avoid injury.  It is one I currently use in the gym.

Find One Here>

Yoga Mat – $4.00
Mat price will vary depending on what you choose. 

Find One Here >

Yoga Ball – $10.49
You have lots of options to choose from. Some have stands to keep them from rolling away.  Make sure to get the right size for your body.  There is a list of height recommendations for each ball size. 

Find One Here >

Bands  – $29.99
Bands can take the place of dumbbells while the cost is so high for those. 

Find One Here > 

TRX Straps – $129.95 

TRX Straps will be used Tuesday/Thursday in the TRX Yoga Fusion class.  They will also be incorporated into other workouts and can be used in all workouts.

Find Them Here >

Recommendations for All Striking Classes (Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA)  Including Kid’s and Women’s Only

Stand Up Kickboxing Bag  – $179.99
This is a geat bad, add water and it’s super stable.  It also has an adjustable height so it can be used for kid’s classes as well. 

Find One Here > 

Boxing Gloves  – $30.00
Gloves can really vary in price. You want to make sure you get good gloves with enough protection and a good fit. Wraps are really important also in protecting your hands.  Especially if you are a big guy or are hitting really hard. 

Find One Here > 

Shin Guards  – $28.99
Shin guards will help protect your shin when kicking the bag.  They will be most important when attending live classes. 

Find One Here > 

Hand Wraps – $7.99 Get 180” hand wraps. 
Make sure gloves are big enough inside to fit the hand wraps.

Find One Here > 

Quick wraps – Anywhere from 9 to $15 depending on your needs.
These are great for women and kids.  We also sell these at the gym, so please let us know if you would like to get some from Wolfpack. 

Find Here > 

Jump Rope- $10.99
Make sure to get an adjustable rope so you can make it the perfect size for you.

Find One Here >

If you have any questions about our suggestions, or your virtual membership please let us know. You can also learn more about how to join us virtually from the zen planner membership app.