All virtual classes will be done live and will not be recorded.  All classes that take place in the gym, will have a virtual option as well.  The virtual classes will start exactly on time with the live class.  It will be just as if you are with us in the gym but in the comfort of your own “home gym”. 

If you are running late, no big deal just get to your computer or phone as soon as possible.  Take your workout outdoors, to the park, or the track! We will have to modify due to equipment options no doubt, but we will work through it together, no problem. 

With our virtual membership, your whole family will be able to attend workouts, either with you or on their own.  The virtual membership is an unlimited family membership for only $25 per month. 

With a busy schedule for kids or work, this is the perfect option.  Travel for work, great, take up with you! We love to travel.  We now have kid’s class options 5 days a week.  Keep the kids busy learning something new and burning off the crazy! 

At Wolfpack, we will have a 50” screen up right beside the screen for the heart rate monitors.  Everyone attending the virtual option will be able to be seen by the participants in the gym and y’all will be able to interact with each other.  It will really feel just like you are in class with your workout buddy! 

You can learn more about how easy it is to join us virtually through the zenplanner membership app here >