Are you considering becoming a member at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA in Pasco, Washington but don’t know what option is best for you? 

We have 3 great options: 

  1. 10 Class Punch Card
  2. Virtual Membership
  3. Annual Membership 

We encourage you to consider getting the punch card and attending classes live in the gym, but also adding the virtual membership option and setting up a small, convenient gym in your home so you can attend classes as often as you would like. 

You can attend 1 class a week in the gym, costing only $10 per class, then adding the virtual membership for your whole family from home for only $25.  This means you could attend 4 classes a month and have unlimited training at home for only $65 per month. 

At that rate, a small home gym put together with all the equipment you will need for Wolfpack classes will easily pay for itself in a matter of a few months.  Not to mention, if the gym ever is forced to shut down again, you have everything you need to keep right on training. 

Figuring Out the Best Wolfpack Membership Option for Your Needs

We have come up with an equation to help you figure out how many classes you can attend live in the gym, along with the virtual membership and still stay on budget or continue to pay what you were paying before the shutdown.  Let’s just use our old monthly unlimited membership option of $150 as the budget.  

You start by subtracting the price of the virtual membership ($25) from the budget ($150)

150 – 25 = 125 

You then divide that amount by the price of live classes in the gym ($10)

125 / 10 = 12.5 or 12 classes.  

You then divide that number by weeks in a month (4)

12 / 4 = 3.  

You can attend 3 live classes per week, along with unlimited virtual membership, and spend $145 per month.  This puts you $5 under budget! 

If you select the annual membership or the virtual membership and you want to join us virtually learn more about how to join us with the Zen Planner membership app here.