On the south side of the highway off Rd 68 exit. On the corner of RD 68 and Argent on the west side of RD 68. Left hand side of the road in the strip just after Green Works. 6916 W Argent Pasco WA 99301 Suite D
If you have gloves, wraps or any other boxing gear already, feel free to bring it. If not we will have loaner gloves that are available to use for your trial class and gloves available for purchase if needed. Equipment needed for boxing – gloves (required), hand wraps, jump rope and mouthpiece (optional). Equipment needed for kickboxing – gloves (required), hand wraps, jump rope, mouthpiece and shin guards (optional). Equipment needed for kid’s boxing – gloves. Equipment needed for MMA – all gear mentioned above plus MMA sparring gloves (puffies), headgear (optional).
MMA fights are definitely a large part of what we do. Wolfpack coaches have connection throughout the pacific northwest including the greater Seattle area, Spokane, Oregon and Idaho. We have even taken fighters as far as Florida for ameture fights. We take fighters to compete in both MMA and kickboxing matches. We ask for a minimum of 3 months training with Wolfpack prior to the fight. This time may need to be expended if there is no prior experience. If there is prior experience we ask for the 3 months to make sure you are in fighting shape and that the fighter and the coach have developed a relationship that will encourage success during the fight.
You absolutely do not have to want to fight to participate in our classes. Most classes are no to minimal contact. Contact can be as little or as much as desired. Classes such as MMA, jiu-jitsu and wrestling are the most contact classes as you need other bodies to practice the moves. Boxing and kickboxing have minimum contact but the bag can also be used if it is preferred over using a partner.
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