Wolfpack is taking our sanitation and new approach seriously. If you have (or have had in the past 48 hours) a fever, cough, runny/ stuffy nose, or excessive sneezing, please attend the virtual classes from home.

We are taking precautions that you should all be aware of.  The flow of the classes is going to look a little different when we reopen on June 1.

  • Prior to entering the building, members will wait outside while the gym is prepared for class to start. 
  • Upon entering the class, the coach will unlock the door and let members in, taking temperatures as each member comes in and giving 1 squirt of hand sanitizer. Temperature cannot be over 99℉. If your temperature is higher than 99℉ you will not be permitted to participate in the workout.  
  • Maximum of 10 participants per class. You must register ahead of time on the Zen Planner App or on Our Website.
  • Each member will check into the class at our check-in station on a tablet before each class starts.
  • There is no longer a childcare room available at Wolfpack.
  • Members must use foot sanitation on bare feet or shoes when entering the mats and every time you re-enter the mat space, including after getting water and using the bathroom.  NO Socks are allowed on the mats at this time. 
  • There will be a 15 minute passing period between classes of the next class to have ample time to sanitize between classes.
  • Members can stretch on the mats while the coach wipes down all equipment that was used including wall mats, bags, shields, or any other equipment that was used during the class. 
  • All members must leave the gym before the start of the next class.  
  • If any students are going to stay for the next class they MUST have a clean set of workout clothes. 
  • After each class, all members will have to exit. When all members have left the gym and the gym has been properly cleaned and sanitized, the coach can then allow the entry of students for the next class by opening the door and taking temperature and giving sanitizer to the students as they enter. 

The gym will be fully and properly cleaned each night after all the classes including the cleaning of the bathrooms and mopping of the mats. The air purification system will be run each night and in breaks between classes that are longer than 2 hours.

If you have any questions please contact us here.