MMA class is a combination of all techniques from other classes. MMA will focus on “putting it all together”; combining the strikes from boxing and kickboxing with the takedowns and top control of wrestling with the positioning and submission from jiu-jitsu. MMA also offers an introduction to wrestling and submission wrestling for MMA meaning top position and control, takedowns, sweeps, catching kicks and other methods to get the opponent to the ground and maintain dominate position. Ground and pound and strikes to a downed opponent is also instructed. Learning to understand and recognize the rules of an MMA match are also part of the curriculum of MMA.


Both classes are structured with a 10-15 minute warm up, 45 minutes of exercises utilizing body weight, dumbbells, yoga balls and/or functional fitness equipment (TRX’s, battle ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls and kettle bells just to name a few), and a 10-15 minute cool down with stretching/foam rolling. Workout styles include HIIT, tabata, tempo manipulation and crossfit style structures such as EMOMs (every minute on the minute), AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) and RFT (rounds for time). Both classes are very similar, the only difference is the bootcamp is for women only offered at 6 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays and the combat cardio and core is co-ed offered at 5 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Traditional boxing style training focusing on head movement, footwork and combinations, with an emphasis on shoulder endurance, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Each class includes a warm-up drill, skill training, and a game to close (when time allows). Suggested age is 6-12 depending on the maturity of the child. Classes are fun and upbeat designed to provide children with exercise and basic skills, not necessarily preparing them for boxing competition.


Boxing: Traditional boxing style training focusing on head movement, footwork and combinations, with an emphasis on shoulder endurance, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Each class includes a warm-up, specific skill training including offensive and defense and a cardio/conditioning component to close.

Kickboxing: Traditional American kickboxing and Muay Thai style training instruction including utilizing the clinch, knees and elbows, finishing boxing combinations with kicks, push kicks and kicking defense. Each class includes a warmup, skill training and a cardio/conditioning component to close. Available in women’s only and co-ed classes.

Wrestling & Jiu-Jitsu

Wrestling and jiu-jitsu are taught from a MMA perspective instead of their more traditional forms. Classes focus techniques that are applicable and beneficial for MMA versus a grappling or wrestling match. For example, if one is in a “pined” position from wrestling, we would not coach you to “belly out” to avoid the pin as it would make you vulnerable to a rear-naked choke in MMA. Likewise, we will not teach student to “pull guard” as many do in jiu-jitsu as it puts you on the bottom and in a MMA fight when strikes on the ground are legal is it not a preferred position. This is also not a belting system class. Classes are structures with warm up drills, technique including take downs, takedown defense, positioning, weight distribution and submissions and also include live drilling.

*Wrestling and jiu-jitsu are seasonal classes only offered when a coach is available. Please refer to the schedule to see if class is currently offered


Yoga is a system for achieving longevity and mind-body health. Yoga compliments all calisthenics, teaching poise, balance and strength. On the physical level, yoga postures lengthen muscles, encourage joint flexibility, and strengthen the core body. A consistent yoga practice will keep the body and its systems youthful. Through guided breath-focused yoga flow, the nervous system will be stimulated, and the body will release toxins. On the non-physical level, yoga emphasizes relaxation, focus, and makes one more aware of tension in the body. In a yoga practice, one begins to experience physical healing and a calming of the mind. Practicing yoga puts the responsibility for health and the means for attaining it in one’s own hands.

Wolfpack Self-Defense

Defined by brutal offensive techniques and quick counterattacks,  Wolfpack Self-Defense Program prepares you for unexpected and dangerous situations.  We focus on results without the rules of fair fighting or MMA, meaning is not a martial art class but a self-defense course.  Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, our  self-defense courses are intended to teach methods exceptionally effective for personal protection in the shortest possible time. Attend our courses held every Saturday at noon to learn how to defend against violent chokes, grabs, and strikes, as well as serious threats armed with weapons.

You will learn self-defense using:

  • Punches, knees, elbows, and kicks
  • Defenses against various strikes, weapons, and chokes
  • Realistic training drills

Nutrition Counseling & Meal Planning

Coach Sarah Howell took the entire year of 2018 to expand her knowledge in nutrition through the Holistic Performance Institute; more specifically nutrition for performance athletes. Throughout this course she achieved several certificates, but no two bring her more pride than completion of the Keto-Mastery Course and Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition Course. The Holistic Performance Institute is lead by Founder Cliff Harvey and the HPN team who are leading practitioners, with decades of practical clinical experience, along with academic and research backgrounds in the fields of public health, toxicology, protein sparing, ketogenic diets, and much, much more.

Sarah took this course the with one goal in mind; creating easier weight cuts for herself and fueling her body to perform better during training camps and in between fights. She hopes to use her knowledge to not only help herself with her weight cuts, but with her weight loss clients as well. She wants to take her nutrition clients beyond their weight loss goals by helping them reduce their medications/ailments and increase their quality of life through proper nutrition. She also wants to offer Wolfpack Fight Team sound nutrition guidance that will reduce stress during training camps and drop weight faster and healthier to avoid long, dangerous and dehydrating weight cuts.

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