Sara Bankemper

Health Coach- Mind Body Eating Specialist- Personal Trainer


National Level Fitness and Figure competitor

Single mom successfully raising an amazing human


Mind Body Eating Coach, Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Human Movement Specialist, Brookbush Institute (currently working to achieve this)

About Coach

With 20+ years as a professional in the fitness industry, I have worked with every type. From high level fitness competitors to the deconditioned athlete, and the stay at home mom looking to lose weight. My gymnastics background really ignited a passion for improving movement quality in myself and my clients. Society now days promotes a very sedentary lifestyle, and with that comes decreased mobility which means aches, pains and weight gain! We also tend to get in our heads about why we can’t do what we used to, or why we seem to give in to our cravings no matter how hard we try. Coming from disordered eating due to my early days in fitness competitions I made it my mission to learn the tools to overcome binge eating, self-sabatoge and negative inner dialog… And then it became a part of my passion to teach and share these tools! Having been through the gauntlet of health and wellness woes has given me insight and appreciation for just how hard it can be without proper guidance, accountability and motivation. I’m ready to help when you’re ready to commit to a lasting lifestyle change.

Turning Point

I was my own worst enemy after 8 years of competing in a sport where the only thing that mattered was how I looked on the outside. The constant comparisons to perfect bodies and striving to change my body to fit the mold when my strong body was anything but the picture of typical feminine beauty took an incredible toll on my psyche and inner dialog.

Motivation & Passion

Anybody with body dysmorphia and/or any type of disordered eating. Folks at any level of fitness looking to improve body mechanics and recovery Athletes ready to level up.