There are many different reasons personal training is one of the fastest growing jobs on the market. Personal training is so popular in all areas of fitness. Not only is personal training a great option for those just getting into fitness, trying to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, but also for those elite athletes looking to hire fitness professionals for personal training themselves! 

Personal training can provide one on one support for those who are not yet ready for group settings due to a number of reasons from new to health and fitness to those recovering from previous injuries. Personal training provides more than personal workouts one on one with a trainer; it provides motivation, accountability, personal connection and “built for you” customized training. 

When you allow yourself the personal attention from a fitness professional, they will push harder than you ever thought possible and they can tailor all training and modifications to fit your specific needs to increase results and decrease risk of injury.  

There are many specific benefits personal trainers provide including helping clients set and achieve realistic goals, help clients break through plateaus, provide added accountability and motivation and help clients create healthy habits that become a lifestyle. 

At Wolfpack Fitness and MMA, not only do we provide all of the benefits listed above with a personal trainer for fitness and weight loss, but we also provide personal training for mobility and flexibility, boxing, and kickboxing for kids and adults and we do personalized nutrition coaching and meal planning.

1. Personal Training for Fitness and Weight Loss:  

Personal training for fitness and weight loss is a great option for starting out on your journey to a healthier self.  

Maybe you need accountability or direction in general, this is a great option for you.  Maybe you are uncomfortable getting started in group classes and this is just the short term boost of confidence you need to get you into our regularly scheduled group training classes. 

This is also a great start if you are new to exercise and want to get some personal attention on form and technique to avoid possible injury during classes. This type of personal training is great for increasing cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscular strength and endurance, receiving a personally developed training program and/or increasing coordination and balance. 

2. Personal Training in Muay Thai / Kickboxing / Boxing: 

Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai are high-energy workouts combining martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and get into shape in no time. But, a typical class can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are brand new. These classes take rhythm, balance, core strength and coordination. Sometimes this can be the most challenging part.  

Taking a few private lessons can help get up to speed, provide specific homework or things you can train at home to improve faster and help you learn technique to get you in classes faster! Personal training in this area is also a great way to bring long term fitness benefits into your daily routine in just one hour of exercise. 

3. Personal Training for Kids: 

Personal lessons for kids in boxing and kickboxing can be a great addition to already athletic kids. Improved athleticism including increased core strength, increased hand eye coordination and neurological development and speed and agility can all be increased, adding to the success kids are already having in other sports.  It is also a great way to keep kids in shape for the off season. 

For kids that are less athletic, more introverted, or tend to shy away from groups, personal lessons are a great way to keep kids active and have a great time doing it. It is such a great way to burn calories! It’s a great way to burn extra calories if a kid is struggling with unhealthy weight gain, or for the kids that have endless energy it is a fantastic way to tire them out. Again, this is an excellent choice to get kids up to speed before putting them directly into group classes. 

4. Personal Flexibility and Mobility Coaching: 

Many struggle in everyday life activities as well as exercise and fitness due to a lack of mobility. From tight hips, decreased mobility in shoulders, tight hamstrings, or overall muscular imbalances, unnecessary pain and suffering prevents people from living their best life every day. This can be due to numerous things such as the previous injury, overworked muscles (sitting all day in one position) strain due to repetitive motion or overuse, and deconditioned and underutilized muscles.  

Wolfpack has personal trainers who specialize in natural movement patterns and identifying problem areas for clients. These sessions can be done face to face or virtually. Improvements can be seen right away and homework is provided to keep clients on track and continue progressing on their own.  

We utilize stretching and foam rolling to increase flexibility and mobility and different exercises that activate underused muscles to correct muscle imbalances and increase mind body connection.  

5. Personal Nutrition Coaching:  

We offer personalized nutrition coaching for everyone. No matter what the goal; athletic performance, weight loss or strength and conditioning. We also have nutrition physiology for those that are struggling with long term habits such as stress eating, binge eating or other eating disorders caused from trauma suffered throughout life.  

We can help you not only master what to eat, why to eat it, but how to change your eating habits to create a positive, healthy lifestyle that will bring the results you are looking for for years to come.  

Here at Wolfpack we have a variety of personal training options, and nutritional support programs as well. To learn more about getting started, or to schedule a personal training session contact us here (Link to Contact Form or Sarah Email) and when you buy 10 or more personal training sessions receive $10 OFF each session ($400 for 10 Sessions or $50 per Session). 

6. Krav Cardio / Krav Maga: 

Krav Maga is the best self-defense class available.  Strengthen your body, challenge your mind, and learn how to protect yourself at a certified Krav Maga Worldwide training center. Krav Maga are is the largest reality-based self-defense organization in the world and the leader of the Western Krav Maga movement. Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructors are held to the highest standards of Krav Maga training and have distinguished themselves as top-quality instructors. Krav Maga includes kicks, punches, and other vigorous aerobic moves that also tone muscle. It’s a good way to boost strength and stamina and also lose weight. Not only will you improve your physical fitness, but Krav Maga workouts are also designed to sharpen your mental fitness.  Krav Maga is effective in that it is a potent fighting style, highly effective and specifically designed to neutralize opponents in real life street fight, first by avoidance and then by physical protection.  Specific benefits of Krav Maga include honing your ability to make effective decisions under pressure, learning valuable practical self-defence skills and developing increased safety awareness, reprogramming your body to react pro-actively if you’ve had a bad experience, being able to predict and reprogram your fight, flight and freeze responses, and being able to improvise proportionate responses to challenges be them large or small. 

7. Power Blast:

Power Blast is a step aerobics style class combining strength training intervals for the ultimate workout.  Step aerobics has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on your joints. It improves overall fitness by building strength and boosting your cardiovascular health. It also burns calories, making it an ideal way to maintain your target body weight and lose body fat.  The strength training intervals utilize a weighted bar instead of dumbbells.  One benefit of using a bar for strength training is it can be put on the back increasing core strength, balance, stability, and coordination.  “Time under tension” is a fitness concept that is practiced in Power Blast. Taking advantage of “time under tension” in the right way will achieve hypertrophy (the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.

“the hypertrophy of the muscle fibers” “Time under tension” done right uses lighter weights, longer sets, less rest, and volitional fatigue— you get maximum results with shorter workouts. Benefits of this specific class include a fun, high energy workout, increased calorie burn, “time under tension” resistance training, rhythmic training to the beat of the music, and an increase in balance, stability, and coordination.