Boxing, for years, has been one of my favorite forms of exercise, especially when compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as jogging/running, or any form of equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills, or ellipticals. I love boxing because it provides a total body workout, it’s low impact, and burns a high amount of calories in a short amount of time.  The fact that it is a total body exercise is what makes it such a calorie blaster. Which is exactly what you want when you are looking to lose fat and increase strength.

Boxing is Known for Elevating Your Heart Rate

Your heart rate is elevated because all your body parts are working in unison at the same time. Energy is produced in the feet that transfer all the way up the body and out your hands as your punch and mouth as you exhale.  All that energy produced contributes to higher calorie expenditure.  Boxing also helps build a strong core without doing any additional core work!

Boxing is also a Low Impact Workout

This saves time during your workout to focus on other areas. The low-impact workout of boxing makes it a great option for anyone and everyone.  Previous injuries, and low back or knee pain are no problems with boxing.  There is minimal pounding which prevents back pain or strain on the knees that many people experience with running, jogging or other forms of traditional cardio exercise. Not to mention, boxing is a blast! Boxing is empowering! And…boxing makes you feel like a badass!

Where does Fitness Fit in the Workout?

A while back, I fell in love with Crossfit as a way to add strength training to my regular training routine.  Things I love about CrossFit include the team atmosphere, the competitive environment, and the constantly changing programming! I get so bored just going to the gym to lift weights, that just isn’t for me.

I love the group training atmosphere and guided workouts that CrossFit provides. I also work way harder in a group setting because I am so competitive and I need the workouts to be ever-changing so that I don’t get bored! Most importantly, I loved the strength training and the new body I created by adding strength training to my routine instead of only boxing as part of my training. 

Sessions That You Cn Count on to Burn Calories & Give You a Killer Workout

When we shut down for a few weeks in March 2020, I was able to take the time to create a program that included both of my favorite training styles. I couldn’t ignore the benefits of combining strength training and boxing for fat loss and muscle building. I also realized that this combination is more important than ever because having regular strength exercises is important for a long happy, healthy life.

Creating “Boxing for Fitness” has been a process of trial and error. I made small changes over time, to eventually come to the most effective and safe training program that yields maximum results in just 45 minutes of training 3 times per week.

Boxing for Fitness is Perfect for Fat Loss & Strength Training

Boxing for Fitness is now a 45-minute HIIT program that combines traditional boxing training with CrossFit-inspired strength training.  Sessions include a 5-minute warm-up custom for the workout that day, 15 minutes of boxing consistent each week allowing sufficient time and reps to actually learn the boxing combo, and a 15-minute strength training workout that changes every session. 

We utilize kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, TRX straps, benches, and body weight to provide challenge and change during the strength training. Each session has an in-studio coach as well as a virtual coach demonstrating the boxing portion. 

Overall, our sessions burn lots of calories, make you sweat, and are designed to meet you where you are on your fitness level, from beginner to expert, with just enough push and cheer to help you reach your goals.