Mobility: the ability to move a joint through its full range of motion. 

Mobility Training: reduces restrictions within the body by increasing the range of motion within each joint. 

Mindful Movement is the practice of reconnecting our mind with our body and relearning proper movement patterns the way our bodies were actually designed to move.

By reexperiencing natural movements, the way we did as children, such as crawling, rolling, jumping, and crouching, we release the body’s natural ability to bend, twist and release in a pain-free and relaxing way.  The human body has five basic movement patterns: bending, single-sided, rotational, pushing, and pulling.  All five movement patterns will be addressed in a functional, controlled, and non-forceful way.  It is entirely safe for everyone of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and with any previous injury or ailments.  

By incorporating Mindful Movement into your routine a few days a week you will experience improved strength, mobility, posture and overall fitness – but also your capacity to move with balance and coordination will improve dramatically. Restoring the body’s ability to move with less effort and tension actually increases neurological development, promoting the  central nervous system to ‘move better’. 

The best thing about neurological development is the rate at which the improvement takes place.  These improvements take only days and weeks compared to months and years.  You will be enjoying the benefits in the first month of training.  Added benefits of better movement include improvements in performance outside of Mindful Movement, reduce stress and tension in muscle and joints, reduction of pain, increased range of motion, and decrease the risk of future injuries. 

This is a great class for the recovery of mobility and / or flexibility, recovering from an injury, active recovery days for athletes, a great starting point for beginners to fitness and for those wanting to improve movement as they age. 

20 Minute Warm-Up

In a Mindful Movement Bootcamp, you will spend the first 20 minutes of class mobilizing each major joint area of the body through specialized movements.  These movements are dedicated to lengthening tight muscles while simultaneously strengthening the weakened muscles of those areas due to compensation. 

This prolonged warm-up will also encourage mind/body connection.  Increasing the mind/body connection prior to the workout will allow you to more effectively work targeted areas during the workout.  The warm-up also allows for efficient time for the joints and muscles to warm and relax and increases mobility and flexibility prior to the workout, allowing for proper or increased “pain-free” range of motion during the exercises.  

Warm up includes activation of core and deep breathing exercises to fully warm the body from the inside out. 

30 Minute Workout

The workout portion of the Mindful Movement Bootcamps varies from class to class.  The exercise portion brings positive energy in an upbeat atmosphere that provides encouragement, direction and motivation for each person to individually work at their own pace.  The workout utilizes the same body awareness techniques exercises during the warm-up. This will cement the new ranges of motion into your neurological system. 

With practice, you will not only become more flexible, but you will experience the added benefit of feeling stronger and more confident in your new movement.  Scaling and modifications are available to provide the perfect workout for each individual even when everyone is completing the same workout!  

Programming is constantly changing, providing new challenges.  Not only does this fend off the boredom of the same old workouts, but it also keeps the body guessing and learning and adapting to new environments.  This also prevents fitness plateaus.  Types of training utilized include aerobic (cardiovascular training), anaerobic (strength training), balance and flexibility.

The structure of the class can include anything from HIIT (high-intensity interval training) drills, circuits, AMRAP, or Rounds for Time.  Equipment used most often includes bodyweight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and sit-ups), dumbbells and kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX suspension training system, inertial waves, battle ropes, plyo boxes, and yoga balls just to name a few, but in this class, no equipment is off the table. 

You will also see new and exciting ways to utilize equipment and your body to provide a killer workout you can do anywhere.  Cardio equipment such as assault bikes, row machines, jump ropes, and assault runners can also be used from time to time. 

10 Minute Cool Down 

The last 5-10 minutes will be a deep stretch to flush out any fluid build-up within your muscles and deep breathing is a must to help reset the animal brain to its normal human function. 

The ability to move freely within your body not only helps you FEEL your best, but it can alleviate chronic pain, reduce the risk for injuries, and improve overall mind/body connection.  Mindful Movement Bootcamps are designed for and will benefit everyBODY! 

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