We all know that starting a new fitness program is more than tough; it’s intimidating, it’s exhausting, it’s frightening, and most of all it’s uncomfortable.  Most people actually say, or have said at one time “I will go to that gym someday… or get a membership when I… get in shape.”  or “I am going to take that kickboxing class after… I lose a little weight.” or “I will reach out for help later…” 

We hear it  so, so often. People want to see improvement and results before they ever enter a class or begin learning something new.  We get it, it can be an intimidating situation for anyone, and we are here to help. 

Guess what the good news is? If you want to set new health and fitness goals, you can start right now, you can start today, without doing anything other than making a commitment to begin. 

While our classes are not available in person, you could actually start by starting with your nutrition. Since health and fitness is a combination of exercise and the food you eat to support your body, and energy levels.    

Losing Weight Conceptually is Simple – But in Practice it Really Takes Commitment

The concept of weight loss is simple—energy in versus energy out. 

You have to consume less calories than burned in a single day, therefore creating a daily caloric deficit.  

But, if it was as simple as that, why do so many people struggle with weight loss? 

Working out can be physically difficult, and on average it takes an 1 hour, 3-5 days per week.  Eating right, or eating to reach your goal can be more mentally challenging, as it lasts the whole week, 168 hours.   

So, in reality the challenge in losing weight or improving your health and fitness is not in the exercise, but in finding a nutrition plan that is realistic, convenient and will help you reach your goals.  

Wolfpack Fitness & MMA Offers Quality Nutritional Support Here in the Tri-Cities, Washington Area 

Sarah Howell, owner and head coach at Wolfpack Fitness and MMA, has been helping people reach their weight loss and fitness goals since 2012 when she graduated from Kaplan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science. In 2019, she advanced her education by taking a year long course from The Holistic Performance Institute with a certificate in Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition. This certification helps Sarah understand and focus on the need and requirements of carbohydrates for improving athletic performance. During this year, she also completed a 7 week “Keto Mastery Program”, a graduate level course in ketogenic nutrition science.  

With over 8 years of experience, Sarah can help you create a custom meal plan, based on your physical needs such as height, weight, body composition and energy needs, along with the individual’s personal food preferences including likes/dislikes, allergies/intolerances or religious preferences. 

The goal of a nutrition plan is that it empowers you to meet the caloric needs necessary to help you meet your specific goals.  

What exactly does nutrition coaching look like through Wolfpack?

Step 1 – Free Consult: 

A free consultation can be done virtually, by phone or face to face (when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted). During your consultation, we will discuss your medical history, previous struggles with weight and health, current exercise habits, current lifestyle (job, homelife), and current struggles with eating habits. Sarah will then discuss what nutrition plan she thinks will best suit your personal situation, recommend a fitness program if necessary and layout the guidelines that will empower you to your goals.  

Step 2 – Client Intake: 

Next we start the client intake process. This consists of body composition analysis, gathering the necessary information to base your nutrition plan on (height, weight, body fat percentage), food preference (likes/dislike, allergy/intolerance), schedule face to face or virtual check in meetings for the next 4 weeks, and collect payment to start your nutrition program. 

Body composition analysis is recommended to be done at a local supplement store (free of charge). Be sure to get your printout submitted to Sarah via email. This body analysis should be done each month to monitor your results. We will gather your food preferences in a form we send to you via email, make sure to fill it out and return it to Sarah.  The more detailed the information you provide is, the more accurate the meal plan can be to fit your liking.  This program includes 4 weekly check-ins and costs $100 a month. 

Step 3 – Receive Nutrition Plan: 

Once Sarah has everything she needs to create your meal plan, she will send you your nutrition plan via email.  Your plan can be modified one time free of charge, after that there may be additional charges. To ensure you don’t need more changes, be sure to communicate all of your needs during the client intake process.  

Once you get your plan, please communicate any concerns, questions, and Sarah will make sure to get you everything you need to begin your meal plan. We want to make sure when we start the plan, we start correctly.  

Step 4 – Shopping and Prepping: 

There are so many options now that help with grocery shopping that even provide delivery options. This makes shopping and meal prep so much easier and more convenient.  Once your grocery shopping has been done, cooking in advance (meal prep) is highly recommended to increase your nutrition plan compliance and success.  Sarah also offers shopping and meal prep at additional cost. 

Contact Sarah here today for more information about our nutritional plans and to schedule your free 30 minute nutrition consultation. Our goal at Wolfpack is to empower our community. Now more than ever finding the right support system will empower you to reach your health and fitness goals, even though we have to be creative. 

You can also learn more about our virtual membership options here.